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Printer Maintenance

Printers servicing and maintenance services for LaserJet printers.

OEM Parts Supplier

Supply OEM printers parts and consumables.

Printer/Computer Recycling

Buy & Sell Used Printers and Computers

Hard Disk Recovery

Ever encounter any problem with your Hard Disk? Recover your data now!


* Ad Hoc Printer diagnostic and repairs
We are specialized in solving your printer problems. Our Ad Hoc services allow you to sample our service on an non contractual basis. All our on-site engineers are well-trained to diagnose and resolve your printer problem as quickly as on the first visit if no damaged part is involved. Please call us now for Ad Hoc on-site service.

Professional Ad Hoc On-site Service
Mono Laser Jet Printers - SGD 60.00 e.a
Colour Laser Jet Printers - SGD 65.00 e.a

"These charges inclusive of all labour, transportation and professional diagnose of printers. No other hidden cost. Additional cost will only be added if any spare part needs to be replaced."

* Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance is to prolong the printer life span and maintain print quality for longer periods. With our comprehensives procedures and service cleaning will not only achieve this, it will precisely reduce the printer faulty or errors when using.

This service Is usually free service for our contract client which had signed a full support package on yearly basis. However, we also provide on an Ad Hoc basis. Please call us directly and we are most happy to quote you with no obligation.

* Maintenance Contract on Annual Basis
Client who wish to maintain an on-going service may have the option of purchasing Printer service tokens or sign a contract of 12 months (yearly) basis. Contract is include of full support or complete on-tell assistance.

We SPT supply laser printer spare parts for leading brands like HP and Lexmark, Canon, Epson etc. With the recognition of our high quality OEM compatible parts. We can guarantee our product quality. So choose us for your One-Stop-Shop for all on your printer spare parts needs.

Supplies/ Consumables/ Spare Parts
- Fuser Film Sleeve
- Fuser and Maintenance Kit
- Pick Up Roller
- Logic Board / PCB Main Board
- Separation Pad
- Commonly Used Parts
- Fuser Assembly
- Formatter Boards
- Laser Scanner Assembly
- Transfer Kit / Transfer Belt
- Upper and Lower Sleeved Roller
- Swing Plate Assembly
- Fuser Gears
- and Etc…

We buy and sell 2nd-hand or New laser printers and computers. Though we work on a case to case basis , we accept wide range of used machines from all major brands names. We are working hard on our recycling project on all the used printers/computers to not only save cash for our clients but also do our part in saving the earth.

So be it to buy second-hand printers or resell your used workstation just let us know the model or specs and will get back to you the soonest. We will do our very best to meet your needs and value for money.

* "Hard Disk Drives is the main storage media commonly used nowadays. They stored all our top critical business files, account files, personal files from music video, MP3 /MP4 to digital photos of our beloved ones. Generally most hard drives are internal but now many of the user maybe using external for back up data or just simply as a personal storage media."

* Research shows It is up to 96% of all business workstation are not being backed up and about 140, 000 hard disk drives fail each weeks. Of all the user about 25% of all PC user suffered from data/media lost each year. This was caused 2% - 5% revenue loss for affected companies in the past years. Although every different user may have differ sense of shock and despair when comes to data/media lost but this can be similarly frighteningly to most people.

* Splendor Technology Services can recover from all Hard Disc Drives of all leading brands and interfaces. No matter it is from SSD/Flash Media, USB Drives to Tape storage. We guarantee 80% of specified files recovery. Data integrity assuring the accuracy and consistency of the data recovery. Furthermore it is done below operating system (OS) level. And the good news is we only charge a fixed recovery fee.

* Walk in business is always welcome but appointment is strongly in-force to avoid unnecessarily waste trip. We only accept appointed customers with our Queue Numbers and correct details furnish to us. Our operation hours is from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. Our administrators will furnish you with a quotation according to the diagnosed fault and the cost of repair on the next business day. Call us now at +65 96852930.


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